Medical Malpractice Litigation in the United Arab Emirates

medical_malpractice_lawyerFederal Law no. 10 of 2008 on Medical Liability regulates medical liability in the United Arab Emirates. Article 15 of the Federal Law no. 10 of 2008 establishes the High Committee on Medical Liability (the “Committee”) and it is made up of consultant physicians selected by the Cabinet.


“The Committee members are from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Health Authority Dubai, a professor from the School of Medicine, Armed Forces Medical Services Directorate, Ministry of the Interior Medical Services Directorate, Emirates Medical Association and the private medical sector.”

The Committee serves as a body of medical experts and it provides its opinions upon the request of the public prosecution office, a competent court or a medical body. The Committee’s report should address whether a medical error and harm had occurred and causation between the culpable act and harm.

Looking at the composition of the Committee and how it is established and appointed by the Cabinet, gives the indication that the Committee shall provide a holistic and accurate medical opinion. It also brands the Committee as the most legitimate

UAE Banks must apply Sharia Law to Bank Accounts

gavel-scalesjustice-100301Very recently Emirates Airlines together with the Chamber of Commerce in Abu Dhabi organized a conference on Asset Protection and Estate Planning held in Dubai. The Central Bank has issued regulations requiring all banks to apply Sharia Law regardless if the is a will indicating a different law.


This conference brought together international experts who shared their knowledge and expertise in relation to inheritance and estate planning issues impacting Sharia law and asset protection vehicles in the UAE.
They presented very interesting guidelines with subject of Estate Planning in the UAE and on the effect of Sharia Law on the assets in general.Principles of Sharia Law

UAE succession laws dictate how an estate is distributed on death. It is not meant to be a scare tactic but it is a fact that whilst living in the UAE, Sharia Law is applied by the Courts of First Instance throughout the Emirates, which means that even if you have an existing Will that has been drawn up properly in a different country it may not be upheld. This also applies for High Net Worth Individuals, who

International and Domestic Law

Scales_cropPlaying a new role in domestic governance that is aimed at positive transformation and enhancement of capacity and effectiveness of domestic institutions, international law’s new role is bringing in new concerns and anxieties not to mention fear for some countries. This article aims to discuss and critically examine reasoning behind the ways in which international law plays a role in domestic governance according to the model proposed by Slaughter and Burke-White in their ‘The Future of International Law Is Domestic (or, The European Way of Law).

New ways, new concerns

Slaughter and Burke-White propose three ways in which international law plays or is starting to play a role in domestic governance: strengthening domestic institutions, backstopping domestic government and compelling action by national governments. In addition, they rightly outline potential dangers of using international law in affecting domestic politics such as ‘weakening local government actors by siphoning off both funds and personnel’ , undermining democratic processes and preventing domestic experimentation with alternative approaches, giving ‘national governments new license to undertake otherwise illegal or unjust policies’ , domestic institutions becoming sources of abuse for national governments.International and Domestic Law

Although the reasoning behind the ways in which

Daltbam Injury

Injury lawyers  in Limerick was created in 2011 by their Handling Partner DonalHoulihan plus they are a legitimate company that function mainly within Medical Neglect regions and the Injury of Irish Legislation.

Donal it has really been a professional attorney in Ireland for more than 10 years presently and was informed within the College of Limerick.

Their specific is also and car crash Medical Neglect.Daltbam Injury Car crash absorbs instances for payment according of accidents happening from highway traffic incidents (automobile, truck bike or electrical motor cycle, cycle in addition to walking), trips in addition to falls, incidents at work, failures in-public locations, as well as dangerous footpaths.

Their specialty of Medical Negligence links to whenever a doctor (Advisor, Expert, healthcare professional, RN, Dentist in addition to other people within the Medical profession) is responsible of not sticking with an activity of treatment in looking after you as well as as a result of this you’ve endured discomfort, more condition etc that you simply wouldn’t will often have really endured when they had done their obligation of treatment within an ideal method.

To get their customers payment they highly have entitlement to Houlihan

Divorce attorney San Antonio – A respectable and responsible job requiring precision

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences of any individual’s life. A knowledgeable and well qualified attorney will assist you resolve the start over and matter with your life. A divorce lawyer is appointed by an individual, who is keen to look divorce from an individual with whom an individual is legally married. This case is commonly based on a certain ground for both sides, and the legal authority is supposed to present the case in front of the higher officials. While some divorce cases are more complicated and others are comparatively mild. In most of the cases, the basis for divorce should be much enough or supported by constructive proof. As much as child custody is concerned, the factor is presented to an attorney, who is supposed to negotiate the problem in court for a desirable settlement that swerves the decision of the child.

Responsibilities of San Antonio divorce attorney

A divorce attorney San Antonio is also responsible for serving proper guidance to the client based on the proper demand or the amount that should be given as kid support. In other words, both the husband

Getting the Best Lawyer Dealing with Divorce

Marriage is something important in everyone’s life.  Divorce lawyer Hilliard is one of the important institution that you can trust in helping you with the problem related to the marriage. We know that marriage is such an important thing to consider since if they can marry to someone that they love, they will feel so happy. Having a marriage with someone that we really love will make our life become happier. Of course, you do not want to feel unhappy in your marriage, right?

But again we know that having a marriage is not such a simple thing to consider. We need to make sure that we can have the good communication with our partner in order to have the good quality of the marriage. When you do not have the good quality of the communication in your marriage, it can cause to many problems related to your marriage life. Besides, you also need to have the strong commitment in your marriage life.

When you have the problem with your marriage, make sure that you can handle it with your partner. You can have the good quality of negotiation to solve your problem. If you

Changing the Way We Look at Driving

It seems like no matter what the law is, people still text and drive and drink and drive. I have been reading that texting and driving is worse than drinking and driving, and that is almost hard to believe. People seem to be so comfortable texting while going down the highway at 70 or more miles per hour. At that speed you are moving at 103 feet per second. You travel the length of a football field in three seconds. It is no wonder that a good Los Angeles auto accident attorney has his phone ringing off the hook every day.

I do not understand the mindset of people that think the law applies to everyone but them. They ignore set speed limits, text and drive and drink and drive. Some are traveling over the speed limit while texting and driving after having had a few drinks. Something really needs to be done to change the mindset of people. We need to go from the selfish “It’s all about me” attitude to one of wanting to look out for our fellow human beings. Continue reading

Just Got out of the Hospital

Of course I am lucky to have had as good of insurance as I did, but it did not come close to covering all of the problems which I have had since that truck t boned my old car. I came out ahead on that front, because my car was probably on it’s last legs and I ended up getting more that it was really worth I would guess.At the same time I have missed more than a month of work and the insurance only covers four fifths of my medical bill. A Sacramento auto injury attorney sent some guy up here to talk to me, he claimed that he was going to sue the company that employed the driver of the truck and make every little thing right. Of course when I asked how much of the settlement they were going to get, the guy started to double talk me. Continue reading